Solo show, Art intervention at the Museum of Cultural History, Oslo, 2016
In her photographic project UR-FORM, artist Nina Torp discusses authenticity, authority and representation. Two of
the project's photographs are on display in the Cultural History Museum's Ethnographic Library, while two are in the
museum's Antique Collection.
Nina Torp is working on what might be called a reverse archaeological process. She attempts to find something
"antique" in cheap copies of urns. The urns used in her project are from our recent past, bought in various markets and
shops. In the artist's collection there are both unique and mass-produced urns. She smashes and reconstructs the urns
repeatedly and documents the process in photographs.
The remains are staged as archaeological artifacts.
Photography: Nina Torp    
© Nina Torp / BONO 2016. All rights reserved.