For we are where we are not, version I
Solo show, Tenthaus Oslo, 2013
Review [no]
Photograph 1&2: For we are where we are not. Wallpaper of miniature photos of Pompeii from 1950’s and wallpaper of photos from advertisements of real estate in Neoclassical style for sale in Norway (October/November 2012). The wallpaper is made of black and white photocopies in A4, glued onto the wall 750x300 x290 cm.
Photograph 3 onwards: For we are where we are not. Teatro Olimipico. Antique Biedermeier secretary with its backside taken off, used as a projector. HD film with sound, 4 minutes loop, projected on stained plywood 300x240 cm. Dissolving painting. Pollock style painting dissolved #4. Made in collaboration in workshop with students at Sofienberg Videregående skole og Tenthaus Oslo. Lightjet print 80x120 cm. Dissolving painting. Newman style painting dissolved #1. Lightjet print 80x120 cm. For we are where we are not. Photograph of stucco from preserved building on Unesco’s World Heritage List. Lightjet print 80x120 cm.
Photography: Øystein Thorvaldsen    
© Nina Torp / BONO 2013. All rights reserved.